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Metal purse grommets 29mm x 17mm x 8mm Nickel JE30M-NL 40 sets (free shipping)
Metal purse grommets 29mm x 17mm x 8mm Nickel JE30M-NL 40 sets (free shipping)
Item#: JE30M-NL-040

Product Description

This is an odd-lot.

Metal purse grommets
Style : Metal purse grommets with washers
Size : Outer diameter : 29mm
Inner diameter (of the hole when set) : 17mm
Height (before setting) : 8mm

Color : Nickel
Quantity : 40 sets

These grommets are self piercing. However, if you are using rather thick materials, you may want to cut a hole on the material before setting the grommets.

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